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On The Go Fertilizer Filler
Kinze Manufacturing has developed a new central hopper fertilizer distribution system for its huge 24-row Twin Line planter. Rather than fill individual fertilizer hoppers, the new version of the planter features two large central hoppers which then distribute fertilizer to individual rows via two small screw augers.
The new fertilizer distribution system eliminates much of the work of keeping the huge planter filled. To fill the fertilizer hoppers, Kinze built an on-the-go fertilizer tender.
"The planter carries enough seed to plant up to 100 acres without stopping but the fertilizer hoppers have to be filled about every 20 acres. This new on-the-go fertilizer tender, which holds about 5,100 lbs., lets us refill on the go," explains Mike Buser, Kinze sales representative. One fertilizer hopper mounts on either side of the front-end of a mid-sized tractor and a twin pair of augers extends out the front to refill the fertilizer hoppers on the planter. As the planter runs through the field, the tender-driver follows closely behind to refill it. Wheels on the tractor-tender are spaced to run between planted rows.
"You can cover as much as 15% more ground per day by not having to stop to refill with fertilizer," points out Buser.
The huge Twin Line planter, so named because it's a twin to Kinze's popular double-frame planter, allows you to equip the planter for conventional planting, or with coulters and other attachments for no-till. It can also be fitted with dry or liquid fertilizer, insecticide and herbicide application equipment.
The planter is unique in that it has a center pivot design that lets the operator fold up fast for road transport. It takes 2 to 3 min. for the operator to swing the planter into road position, done hydraulically right from the tractor seat.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kinze Mfg., Interstate 80 at Exit 216, Williamsburg, Iowa 52361 (ph 319 668-1300).

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