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Air drill plants small grains, row crops
First on the market with an all-purpose planter specifically designed to plant both small grains and row crops, including corn and soybeans, is Concord, of Fargo, N. Dak.
The company's new air press drill can be set up to plant in row spacings from 7-1/2 in. and up. It'll plant wheat in 7-1/2 in. rows, for example, and soybeans, corn, and other row crops in "cultivatable" 15, 22, or 30 in. rows, or even wider if desired.
"Our new planter, with its variable row spacing, works great for small grains, soy-beans and even corn. However, it randomly spaces the corn and bean kernels. "We're working on a metering attachment that will allow it to plant both corn and beans with equi-distant spacing between each plant," Howard Dahl, president of Concord, told FARM SHOW.
Individual seeding/packing row units are spaced 7-1/2 in. apart. If you want to plant corn or soybeans in 15 in. rows, you simply lift every other row unit and plug the appropriate seed delivery manifold holes. Row units can be lifted in a variety of combinations to provide row spacings of 7-1/2, 15, 22, 30 in. and up.
In the operating position, each row unit as a full 22 in. range of independent up and down travel to ensure precision depth control, trash penetration and packing, regard-less of terrain, explains Dahl. He notes that the new drill's toolbar rotates, putting up to 150 lbs. pressure on disc openers for greater trash penetration.
The new air drill's 55 bu. supply tank is mounted on the hitch frame. It can be loaded with seed only, or divided to provide simultaneous "once over" dispensing of seed and fertilizer. During the growing season, the tank can be loaded with dry or liquid fertilizer and the drill used to side-dress corn, soybeans or other row ct ps, Dahl points out.
Available in 24 ft. ($17,000), 30 ft. ($21,000) and 40 ft. ($25,000) models.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Concord Mfg., 2800 7th Ave. North, Fargo, N. Dak. 58102 (ph 701 280-1260).

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