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Kinze introduces its first tillage machine
Kinze Mfg., Inc., is getting into the tillage equipment business with the introduction of its new cultivator, equipped with state-of-the-art features, that's designed to handle high amounts of residue in any minimum till or ridge till cropping system.
Kinze's Bill Heick says the new model 1500 "conservation cultivator" has features that provide lots of flexibility in how it's used. "More and more farmers are switching to minimum till cropping systems to meet new compliance laws for government programs. They need a high residue cultivator that has easy-to-set features. We looked at the best ideas on other cultivators and incorporated them into one machine. It has many standard features, such as automatic spring-reset shanks, that are optional on other brands."
Cultivator row units are mounted on a 7 by 7-in., 3/8-in. wall toolbar with 30 in. of crop clearance. Heavy duty parallel linkage with hardened, replaceable wear bushings allow 10 in. total vertical row unit movement. Two coil down-force springs with bolt-type adjustment allow maximum weight transfer for superior penetration. Two 4 by 12-in. rubber tire depth gauge wheels mount on either side in front of the coulter to gauge depth and hold residue down while the coulter slices it. "The angle at which the gauge wheels are mounted ensures minimal plugging," says Heick. "The wheels are close coupled to the coulter, not ahead of it as on most other cultivators, and can be raised and lowered by simply loosening a bolt."
The 18-in. dia. smooth coulters are equipped with scrapers, cast hubs, and dual re-lube bearings. The coulter's 5/8 in. dia. spindle can be adjusted downward in 1-in. increments to compensate for blade wear. The automatic spring-reset shanks have 3/ 8-in. shear bolt protection and dual, screw-adjustable automatic spring-reset coil springs that are used to set trip pressure. Maximum trip pressure at the shank's tip point is 1,200 lbs. The hardened, bolt-on point is replaceable. Standard 1/2-in. dia. steel "T" fertilizer tubes are welded to the rear side of the shank, allowing you to side-dress liquid fertilizer about 10 in. from the row (on 30-in. rows) at the depth the cultivator is set.
Standard safety equipment includes SMV sign, reflectors, and safety/warning lights.
Optional equipment includes double edge, reversible shares available in 17, 19, 21, 25, and 27-in. sizes, as well as cut-away weeding discs, ridge wing attachments, rotary hoe crop shields, a liquid fertilizer application package featuring a piston pump with flow divider, and a rear telescoping hitch.
Available in rigid-frame models, 4-row narrow through 8-row narrow. A 6-row narrow cultivator equipped with rotary hoe crop shields sells for $8,435 ($11,500 when equipped with the liquid fertilizer application package).
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Kinze Mfg., Inc., Box 806, Williamsburg, Iowa 52361-0806 (ph 319 668-1300).

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