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Doubled-Up Case DC's
"I never unhook them," says Alfred Nelíson, Rio, Wis., who doubled-up a pair of 1948 Case DC tractors to use for fieldwork.
Nelson removed the front wheels from the trailing tractor and built a channel iron pulling frame that runs from the front of the tractor straight back to the rear draw-bar, which he reinforced by attaching a second drawbar to it. The front of the pulling frame mounts on the reinforced drawbar of the forward tractor. The pullíing force from the forward tractor is transímitted directly back to the load being pulled without stressing the frame of the tractor.
The doubled-up tractors are used to pull a 26-ft. Glencoe Soil Saver and drag. Nelson controls the rear tractor with the hand clutch, which is extended up to the front of the rear tractor so he can easily reach it from the front tractor seat. He puts the rear tractor in pulling gear, and then starts and stops it with the clutch.
Nelson mounted low-cost "mud duals" on the two tractors by mounting smaller diameter wheels on the large diameter rear wheels. The smaller wheels only engage if the tractor sinks into soft ground. He had to turn the rims of the outer wheels around in order to mount them on the Case DC axles.
Total cost of the doubled-up tractor conversion was $1,200.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Alfred N. Nelson, W5935 Hwy. B, Rio, Wis. 53960 (ph 414 992-5305).

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