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New Planter Add Ons
"Why pay $40,000 for a new no-till planter when you can add these Trash Wipers to your existing planter and do just as good a job," says Jim Lindquist, manufacturer, about his new V-shaped planter add-ons that simply bolt to existing double disc furrow openers.
The hard-surfaced blades of the wipers push soil and trash out past the planter depth gauge wheels, leaving a 16-in. wide clean -path to plant in. "Disc furrowers don't push trash out far enough so that the depth gauge wheels run up over dirt and clods, affecting seed depth," says Lindquist.
Once mounted, depth of the wipers adjusts with the same adjuster as the disc furrowers. Two bolts provide angle adjustment for each wing.
Sells for $40 per row.
You can mount Hiniker's horizontal rotating disc on the parallel linkage of your planter with a new mounting bracket de-signed for Deere, Case/IH and White planters.
The rotating disc was originally designed for Hiniker's ridge till planter. Lindquist Welding's new bracket lets you mount the ridge-clearing disc just ahead of the disc openers, attached to the planter linkage. The advantage of the Hiniker unit is that it can run shallow or deep, skimming off the top of the ridge to leave a clear, clean path to plant in that's virtually free of weed seeds and other crop residue.
Just four bolts hold the rotating disc onto the planter linkage. It replaces the existing trash clearers. One jack bolt and a set screw provide easy, fast adjustment of disc depth. The mounting bracket sells for $40 per row. You buy the disc unit direct from Hiniker.
Lindquist also mounts the disc units ahead ofroto-tiller/planter rigs. He says they skim off seeds at the top of the ridge, keeping them from getting incorporated into the soil around the seed furrow.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lindquist Welding Supply, Box 37, Gilmer, Neb. 68841 (ph 402 849-2264).

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