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Scotch Highland Cattle Association
On behalf of the Minnesota Scotch Highland Cattle Association, I'd like to tell your readers about this unique cattle breed. The cattle, which originated in the highlands of Scotland, have very long hair and horns. Their distinctive look always attracts a crowd. They're extremely durable and adaptable with the capability of surviving on marginal pasture, requiring little in the way of shelter, feed supplements or grain to produce a good rate of gain. In fact, they seem to enjoy conditions in which many other breeds would perish. They have been raised as far north as Alaska and as far south as Texas. High-land cattle are disease resistant and their long lashes and forelocks shield their eyes from flying insects so pinkeye and cancer eye are uncommon. The breed is even-tempered and can be halter-trained easier than almost any other breed because of their superior intelligence. We think they're the breed of the future because they're noted for producing exceptional quality meat that's low in fat and cholesterol. Scotch Highland cattle have been recorded as far back as the 12th century and they're one of the most popular breeds in Britain today. I personally got interested in the breed after reading an article about them several years ago. I've been involved with them ever since. There are more than 500 breeders nationwide. We'll be happy to send information to any-one who requests it. (Roger Weldeman, American Scotch Highland Breeders Association, P.O. Box 81, Remer, Minn. 56672 (ph 612 559-1022)

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1990 - Volume #14, Issue #2