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Idea for Transferring Waste Oil From Inside Shop to 500 Gallon Tank Outside
I run a small general repair shop and recently came up with this idea for transferring waste oil from inside the shop out to our 500 gal. bulk tank outside. The bottom tank is an old air tank while the top tank is the bottom half a water pressure tank we cut in half. We punched holes in a hog pan we stole from our hog lot and then slipped it into the top of the upper tank. A pipe connects the top tank to the bottom tank. We dump used oil into the top tank and open up a valve which lets the oil drain into the bottom tank. At the same time we open up a valve on a vent pipe to let air out of the bottom tank. After all the oil has run down into the bottom tank, we close both valves, hook up an air hose to the bottom tank and blow the oil out to the holding tank. If the bottom line gets plugged coming out of the tank there's a second air valve on the line coming out of the tank that lets you blow it out and start over. We haven't had much plugging problems, though, since we've got a screen in the bottom of the hog pan the oil is poured into.
We like the system because it makes it easy to handle used oil without spilling and we don't have to go outside when it's cold. We sold the first unit we made to a local Deutz-Allis dealer and they like it fine. We're now building a second one that's a little bigger. (Tom Nedved, Rt. 2, Box 104, Garner, Iowa 50438 ph 515 587-2714)

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