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Craftseat Helps Take Pain Out Of Kneeling
You can sit while you kneel so there's less stress on your legs and hips and you're more comfortable working with the new Craftseat.
"Uses for the new Craftseat, which is made in Norway, are unlimited," says Gordon McGuinty, president of Conmega Inc., North Bay, Ont., the Canadian distributor of the product. "We've had people tell us the Craftseat would work great when welding, doing shop work, working in gardens, as milking stools and when doing landscape and construction work. The design protects against pressure on the knee, allows better blood flow through the leg and by kneeling with it on, you give more support to your back, shoulder and neck."
The 2 lb. Craftseat is designed by the same man who developed the Balans Chair (FARM SHOW Vol. 7 No. 4). The poles are made of extruded aluminum and the pads are made of a polyurethane which is soft enough to cushion the knee but firm enough to offer support.
There are two pads on each Craftseat. The first pad protects the knee when kneeling while the second pad, positioned on the back of the ankle, is the seat which you sit on. Craftseat straps onto your legs with wide straps that fasten just below your knee and around your ankle.
You can wear either one or two Craftseats. With their design, you can even leave them on when walking as they don't affect your stride.
In Canada, Craftseat sells for $59.95. For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Conmega Inc., Box 1426, North Bay, Ont. P1B 8K6 (ph 705 476-6292).
In the U.S. the Craftseat sells for $30. For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Amcraft Inc. P.O. Box 3335, Idaho Springs, Col. 80452 (ph 303 567-4877).

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