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Field Meter Monitor
We've started a new company here in East-ern Washington that designs and manufactures electronics for farmers. Our first product is a Field Meter that's unlike anything on the market. It's built rugged - comes with a 2-year warranty - and resists dust, vibration, water and temperature extremes. In addition, it can be fitted with an external sensor that can be used to check rpm's of any shaft (pto, pump, drill or planter drive shaft, etc.). While the display tells you field speed, total acreage covered, acres per hour, etc., the monitor also keeps track of the shaft, setting off a warning if rpm's suddenly drop off 50 percent or more. Our customers have found this option to be especially handy on planters - lets them know if they ever forget to engage it after making a turn or an adjustment.
The meter comes with one reed switch sensor that mounts on one of your tractor wheels. It sends a signal to the meter on each revolution, calculating speed and distance based on the revolutions and circumference of that wheel. To calibrate it, you simply input the wheel's circumference and width of equipment.
Sells for $195 plus $25 for the external sensor option. The meter can be moved from tractor to tractor if you fit each unit with a mounting bracket and wiring harness ($35 per extra installation kit).
Our next new product will be a Heat Unit Calculator. It will take a temperature reading every hour and store these values in its memory for up to a year. At any time, the farmer can calculate the number of heat units (also called degree-days) accumulated between two specified dates. (Anne-Marie Bauman, Tailwind Systems, 637 W. Whitman Dr., College Place, Wash. 99324 ph 509 529-9794)

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