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Loader mounted spray boom
"It offers great visibility and works like a charm," says Johnny Coder, Ames, Iowa, who mounted a home-built 12-row, 30-ft. wide spray boom equipped with banding nozzles on his front-end loader.
The spray boom is built in three sections with a 6-row section in the middle. The boom simply mounts in place of the bucket with four pins. The loader's bucket-tilt cylinders change the boom pitch. Adjust-able 4.00 by 12 castor dolly wheels sup-port the boom ends.
`The front-mount view lets me do a better job of centering 15-in. herbicide bands on the row ," says Coder. "I had been using a 3-pt. 30 ft. wide spray boom, but it was hard to keep it on the row and the ends flopped around a lot. With this up-front boom I can follow contour rows perfectly.
On corn I usually band Buctril/Atrazine following a planting time treatment of Dual. I normally use only the two directed nozzles that spray from the sides to keep herbicide out of the corn whorls. I use all three nozzles to apply Basagran on soy-beans."
The sprayer is equipped with two cylinders to fold the wings. The outside three rows fold up to provide a 15-ft. transport width. "If I could build it again I'd make all three sections four rows wide for a narrower transport width," says Coder, who pulls an 800-gal. spray tank mounted on tandem axles behind the tractor.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Johnny Coder, 2818 Duff Ave., Ames, Iowa 50010 (ph 515 232-1615).

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