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Top Guard Keeps Squirrels Out Of Trees
The new "Top Guard Climbing Animal Barrier" protects nut and fruit trees from the ravages of squirrels and other climbing pests. It can also be used on bird feeder and bird house poles, duck boxes and utility poles to keep animals from climbing them, says the inventor, Brian Stone, Whigman, Ga.
Stone explains that Top Guard was originally designed to protect pecan trees from squirrels. He notes that one squirrel can destroy 35-50 lbs. of pecans in one season. Top Guard not only keeps squirrels, snakes and other animals from climbing trees but expands as the tree grows, even if trunk shape isn't circular, so the tree isn't damaged.
Top Guard fits around the tree or post and has an outer rim made of 6-in. wide slippery metal. Between the tree and the metal is a wire mesh that allows the Top Guard to expand as the tree grows.
Stone advises mounting Top Guards 4-ft. off the ground. In orchards, he recommends putting them on the three outside tree rows. You must also be sure that animals can't jump into protected trees from other nearby trees.
Four sizes are available to fit trees and posts with outer circumferences ranging from 3-in. to 120-in. The next to largest size, for 49 to 78-in. circumference trees and posts, sells for $22, plus shipping.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Cobb Place, Inc., P.O. Box 529, Whigham, Ga 31797 (ph 912 246-3706).

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