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New Concept In Tractors
If you could look into a crystal ball and see the future, you might very well see a tractor like the new Field Power Unit recently introduced to North America from Israel by Keren International, Downsview, Ont.
The unusual looking rig has been used for six years in Israel on crops ranging from cotton and potatoes to hay and corn, according to Amir Cohen, project manager for the company.
He explains that the machine's advantages include that there's "zero compaction" on the crop raising area of the field since the machine's four tires always ride or drive in the same tracks across the field. You don't plant or till these tracks and you use them year after year. They can even be paved.
Cohen explains that using the machine reduces soil compaction and thus can increase yields up to 10% and cut energy costs by 22% by pulling as many as three implements at once.
There are three separate 3-pt. hook-ups and a hydraulically-powered pto. Cohen points out that with the 3-pts., you could, for example, pull a field cultivator, a harrow and a planter at once for a one-pass till and plant operation.
With the hydraulically-powered pto, pto speed can be set to match ground speed.
Cohen notes that conventional equipment, ranging from tillage and planting tools to spraying and harvesting equipment, can be easily modified to fit on the machine.
The Field Power Unit (19 ft. wide wheel tread) features four hydro-statically powered, computer controlled, independently operated 18.4 by 30 wheels. For travelling down the road, you turn the wheels so the rig moves lengthwise. In this configuration, it's just under 10 ft. wide.
The machine has a 16 mph road speed and is powered by a 240 hp. engine that's mounted to one side of the frame opposite the cab. It's equipped with five hydraulic pumps and a 50 gal. oil reservoir.
A peek in the cab reveals some strange looking controls. In field position, the driver's right side has controls for the pto and hydraulic systems, and a steering wheel which is actually a small knob which you turn. To the driver's left is the forward/reverse hydrostatic shifting lever. For road transport, the seat rotates 90? and the driver uses a conventional steering wheel. The Power Unit won't move unless the seat's locked into one of the two positions.
Guidance in the field is computer controlled. By adjusting one lever in the cab, the unit will automatically make three different types of turns.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Keren International Inc. 4646 Dufferin St., Downsview, Ont. M3H 5S6 (ph 416 665-1599).

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