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Pulse Jet Irrigator
The revolutionary Pulse Jet "stationary gun" irrigator from NC Engineering has a built-in booster tank that gives it top-notch efficiency with amazingly low horsepower.
From a given point in the field, its single rotating nozzle dispenses liquid manure or water over 2.5 acres at rates as high as 3,000 gal. per hourý with only a 1.5 or 2 hp motor pumping material to the unit through a 1 or 1.5 in. dia. pipe. Rate of application can be as low as 200 gal. per hour. "It's much cheaper to apply 1/20 in. over 10 hours than toapply 1/4 in. over 20 minutes," the manufacturer points out
The "secret" to the new irrigator's high efficiency with low pump horsepower is the revolutionary Pulse Jet tank mounted on the irrigator that, instead of shooting a steady stream, dispenses water or liquid manure in pulses.
The pressure vessel contains a rubber bag surrounded by air. As liquid is pumped into the vessel, the bag expands, which compresses surrounding air. When the pressure builds to about 100 psi, a relief valve opens, allowing pressurized air to enter the diaphragm chamber and open a poppet valve. When the valve opens, air surrounding the rubber bag expands, forcing liquid out of the bag. Each time the machine pulses, it discharges about 20 gals. of liquid.
An ATV can be used to tow the machine from one setting to the next. In addition to irrigation, the Pulse Jet is being used as a water applicator to keep livestock cool and comfortable in hot weather. The original Pulse Jet remains stationary during application. It has no cables to drag out, or trailing hoses to snag during operation. Just introduced is a Pulse Jet irrrigator that moves as it applies.
Contact FARM SHOW Followup, NC Agricultural Engineering Ltd, Hamiltonsbawn, Richill, Co. Armagh, N. Ireland (ph 0762 871970.

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