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Full clearance bi fold door
How about this a low cost, full clearance Bi-Fold door that requires only a 2 by 12 in. header for mounting, allowing you to install it in widths up to 40 ft. without losing an inch of headroom.
Regardless of how wide (up to 40 ft.) or high (up to 16 ft.) the opening, the new Keller Bi-Fold door, when fully opened, leaves the entire area below (or above) the 12 in. header completely unobstructed.
Key to its ability to cover large openings without sacrificing head-room are patented bracing arms, one on each side. They automatically move into position to support the door when it's fully upraised, with both halves folded and completely horizontal to the ground. (See photo).
"On all-steel buildings, the full-clearance door can be bolted or welded to the existing header," notes Dan ("Toby") Keller, of River Falls, Wis., inventor-manufacturer.
He points out that installation of his full-clearance Bi-Fold door "is a snap. You can do it yourself in only 2 or 3 hours. The electric lift and cables come factory installed, and wired for electricity."
The door runs on Z-type face plates which you bolt (or weld) to the existing support post on each side of the door opening. All gussets are on the inside, thereby creating a flush exterior.
Framing for the door is made of by 1 14 ga. square tubing. It can be covered with insulation, if desired, and the tin or other material of your choice to match the existing building. A rubber seal on the bottom and weather stripping along the sides seal the door tight to keep out wind, rain or snow. The electric lift, positioned at the base of the door for easy maintenance, opens or closes the door in less than 60 sec. It's equipped with automatic shutoff top and bottom.
Keller also offers a standard Bi-Fold door which requires 24 in. of space above the header for mounting. "It comes without the special braces which allow the full-clearance model to operate on only 12 in. of header space," explains Keller. "If you're building new and allow for 24 in. of header space, the lower-cost standard door can be used. Or, it can be used on existing buildings if the 24 in. header requirement isn't a problem."
The standard Keller Bi-Fold (requiring 24 in. of header space) sells for $68 per foot of width. The full-clearance model (requiring only 12 in. of header space) sells for $200 (to cover cost of the special side braces) plus $68 per foot of width.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Keller Welding and Mfg., Rt. 4, Box 157, River Falls, Wis. 54022 (ph 715 262-3018).

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