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Chute Guides For Gravity Flow Wagon
A pair of plastic strips with welder's magnets bolted onto them make it easy for Daryl Scheer, Mapleton, Iowa, to direct grain flowing out of his gravity flow wagon into an 8-in. dia. hopper bottom auger without having to make sure that the unloading chute is directly centered over the hopper.
Scheer attaches the 4-in. high, 1 1/2-ft. long plastic strips to the galvanized steel unloading chute on his 530-bu. gravity flow wagon. He cut the sheets out of worn poly skids salvaged from his combine's soybean header. He bolted a welding magnet to one end of each strip, using cut-out circles of plastic as washers. The other end of each piece of plastic bolts directly to the chute.
"The magnets hold the bottom end of each guide in place but also allow them to be moved from side to side to control grain flow," says Scheer. "One advantage is that the auger seems to take in corn faster when it flows directly into it."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Daryl Scheer, 310 S. 8th St., Mapleton, Iowa 51034 (ph 712 882-1439).

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