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He Builds Giant Size Row Crop Planters
If you'd like to be able to buy a bigger planter than the ones built by major farm equipment manufacturers, you'll want to take a look at the latest state-of-the-art 60-ft. wide toolbars built by Friesen Friesen, Inc., Litchfield, Neb.
Milford Friesen has been building and selling 60-ft. toolbars on a limited basis ever since FARM SHOW first featured his big planters in 1989 (Vol. 13, No. 6). Now he's started selling his giant planters through Deere dealers, equipped with no-till coulters, starter fertilizer tanks, and programmable Rawson hydraulic population control systems. Front-mount lift wheels leave the area behind the toolbar clear so no skip rows are needed when set up for 15-in. rows.
"As far as I know, no one else offers a 60-ft. toolbar that folds forward to a 16 ft. 9-in, transport width," says Friesen, who also makes a full range of smaller toolbars. "Fitted with Deere row units, you can plant 30-in. corn and 15-in. soybeans into no-till and also apply starter fertilizer."
Planter features include:
• MaxEmerge II row units staggered 7 in. from front to back, allowing heavy residue to flow easily through the planter.
•    Electro-hydraulic control system, powered by one remote hydraulic outlet, controls all functions.
•    Seed and fertilizer drive systems automatically turn off when planter is raised and turn on again when it's lowered.
•    "One-touch" individual control of markers.
•    Folds for transport in 1 min. without leaving your tractor.
•    Three-section flexibility allows planter to hug the ground on rolling terrain.
•    Wings float up or down 8 degrees; 12 degrees when specially tapered, 3-bu. hoppers are installed at wing hinges.
A 60-ft. long toolbar sells for $35,000. A triple hydraulic seed drive system sells for $7,540. S tarter fertilizer package fora 30-ft. toolbar sells for $12,000.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Friesen Friesen Inc., Box 174, Litchfield, Neb. 68852 (ph 308 446-2371).

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