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Low Cost Way To Strengthen Magnetos On Older Tractors
William Fannon, Plymington Gap, Va.: "Here's a quick, simple, low-cost way to light new fire in weak magnetos on older tractors. I've used it on Farmall M's, H's, and A's but it could be used on any tractor equipped with a magneto system.
"The first thing you need to do is get a 6-volt ignition coil from any auto parts store for around $20. Then, disconnect the remote kill switch on the magneto. Wire the positive lead from the ignition coil to the points on the magneto, which act as a ground for the system. Wire the coil's negative lead to an electric on-off toggle switch and run the wire back to any hot point on the tractor's electrical system, such as the starter switch. With the flip of the on-off switch, you've immediately got plenty of power to start the tractor. Works like a charm and only costs about $25. Note: The wire from the points to the coil needs to be connected to the positive or negative terminal on the coil according to battery ground. The above description is for a positive ground system A negative ground system would be wired just the opposite."

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1997 - Volume #21, Issue #2