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Specialty tools for your workshop
Kar products has introduced a toolbox full of new problem-solving specialty "tools" for farm workshops. Take your pick:
Velcro-Type All-Purpose Fast-ener: This handy new way to hang and mount things such as radios, lights, SMV signs, picture frames or curtains is 1 in. wide and comes in a 5 ft. roll. The two strips have an adhesive backing on one side. Velcro provides high strength (up to 40 lbs. per sq. in.) of reclosable fastening on awide variety of surfaces (wood, metal, glass, plastic or cloth).
To hang portable lights on the back of a wagon, for example, you'd use two strips, each about 4 in. long. Affix one adhesive-backed strip to the wagon, and the other to the portable light assembly. A 5 ft. roll retails for $15.94.
All-Purpose Adhesive/Sealant: Billed as "the best all-purpose adhesive money can buy", it dries tack free in 10 min. Said to be ideal for outdoor and marine use, the clear adhesive bonds to metal, wood, glass, plastic and rubber surfaces and is both paintable and non-corrosive. A 3.7 oz. tube sells for $12.86.
Liquid Thread Lock: Designed to prevent nuts from working loose even under extreme vibration, Vibra-Tite is easily brushed on. Once treated, a nut and bolt can be readjusted up to 5 times and still remain vibration-proof without having to be retreated. A 30 cc bottle with applicator brush sells for $27.02.
Grease Injector Needle: Designed to snap onto all standard grease guns, it makes it easy to "needle" grease into greaseless bearings, or universal joints and other hardto-reach places, without having to dismantle equipment. Made of stainless steel, it sells for $6.95, including plastic protective cover.
Top-Quality Hack Saw Blades: High speed steel cutting edge is electron beam welded to a separate alloy back to provide "the ultimate" in strength, flexibility and cutting power. Shatter-proof bimetal Karflex 2 blade will reportedly outlast conventional blades "at least 5 to 1." " Packet of 10 blades, 12 in. long and 1/2 in. wide and with 24 teeth per inch, sells for $44.10.
For more information, contact FARM SHOW Followup, Kar Products, Bob Kerfeld, Area Manager, 6374 Dawn Way, Inver Grove Heights, Minn. 55075 (ph 612 451-0412).

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