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Tractor Takes Newlyweds On A Honeymoon Drive
Tough economic times didn't stop newlyweds Kerry and Jerry Frahm, of Dixon, Neb., from having a memorable fling on their honeymoon. Instead of a fancy, well-waxed limousine, they went for a honeymoon drive in their Deere 4320 tractor.
"The main reason we decided to decorate and drive the tractor was to give our farm friends something to laugh about and remember," says Kerry. "Because of the current farm crisis, there seems to be a lot of doom and gloom n the air lately and it's been a long time since we've seen many smiles.
"First, we drove the tractor to nearby Laurel for our honeymoon breakfast. As we came down Main street, people did double-takes, some waved, gave the thumbs-up sign or just shook their heads, but they were all smiling.
"We'd planned a trip by car to Sioux City later in the day to pick up our wedding portrait taken a month earlier, and to visit one of our neighbors who was in the hospital. We had so much fun with the tractor in the morning, we decided to make the 36-mile trip to Sioux City in it. Someone called the TV stations in Sioux City and told them of a ĉcrazy newlywed couple traveling east in a decked out Deere tractor.' Both stations came out and then featured us on the news that evening.
"As it turned out, the portrait wasn't ready and our friend couldn't get out of bed to see the tractor. Nonetheless, all of the wonderful reactions of people along the way made the tedious five hour trip very much worth it.
"Across the windshield we wrote, 'Honeymoon to Washington' (a joke) and along the sides and front we put: 'Another farm crisis? Nope! Just Married!' On the door windows we wrote our names and the name of our little town, Dixon, population 98. Another spot said 'hot time in the field tonight'."
Kerry points out that while times are tough on the farm "there have always been bad times as well as good. Things are bound to turn around someday . . . they always do."

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1985 - Volume #9, Issue #4