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Flag Marker Makes Rocks Easy To Find
Gary Terwisscha, Clara City, Minn., designed a "rock marker" that makes it easy to go back into plowed fields and find rocks that tripped plow bottoms.
"It's a real time saver, I no longer have to stop and get off the tractor whenever I want to mark where a rock is located," says Terwisscha.
He mounted the prototype marker on the crossbar of his 8-bottom plow but it could be mounted on any tillage equipment. The marker consists of 24 plastic tubes, each one containing a fluorescent orange survey flag attached to a 2-ft. tall stiff wire.
When a rock trips a plow bottom, Terwisscha flips a switch in the tractor cab which drops a flag from the tube into a 'driver', which is two small spinning wheels that grab the flag and propel it with force down into the soft soil. The easy-to-see flag sticks in the ground, standing erect so it's easy to spot when you come back into the field to dig out marked rocks. Flipping another switch in the tractor cab rotates the plastic tubes so they're in position to drop the next flag. Both switches are powered off the tractor battery.
K & M Manufacturing, Renville, Minn., is manufacturing the rock marker. It sells for right at $350.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, K & M Mfg., Renville, Minn. 56284 (ph toll free 800 328-1752; in Minn. 800 992-1702).

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