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Full Sized Pickup Carved Out Of Wood
You've never seen anything like this GMC pickup carved entirely out of wood.
Paul Alberth, a college student from Elwood City, Penn., modeled his gigantic wood project after his father's 1957 GMC. The truck is 16 ft. long, 6 ft. 4 in. wide, and 5 ft. 3 in. high. No metal was used anywhere in its minutely detailed construction. More than 60 major pieces and countless knobs and hinges fit together to form the vehicle. The pieces can be taken apart to easily transport the truck.
The wooden model is complete with exhaust system, brake lines and cables, steering linkage, leaf springs, and axles. The interior of the truck contains a dash-board outfitted with a radio, workable glove compartment, ignition with key, ash tray, defroster and heater knobs. The steering wheel turns, the doors open and close, and the gear shift is operable. Beneath the hood is an engine that's equally realistic.
The entire truck is held together only by dowels. Paul estimates that he used about 900 ft. of dowel stock. The truck is completely supported by its four wheels, and people can sit in the cab and stand on the running boards. Paul put over 500 hrs. of labor into his creation.

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1988 - Volume #12, Issue #1