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Low Speed Teach Great For Combines
"We needed a tachometer to sell along with our speed adjustment kit for Deere combine cleaning fans. We couldn't find what we needed so we built our own," says Barry Harmon, Air Design, Scobey, Mont.
Harmon told FARM SHOW that most of tachs on the market read in hundreds or thousands, too high for combine applications. He couldn't find one that reads in 10's.
The tach sensor he built can be mounted on anything that turns. It counts the revolutions of an 18-tooth gear and sends the readout to a small monitor that can be mounted anywhere. "All Deere combines since 1979, and most recent makes and models come factory-equipped with cleaning fan and cylinder tachometers. We've seen the most demand from farmers operating older machines who want to buy our cleaning fan kit that lets you adjust speed from the cab. However, this tach could be used for any application around the farm," says Harmon, who sells the low-speed tach for $159.95.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Air Design, Box 248, Scobey, Mont. 59263 (ph 406 487-2263).

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