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Instant Flow Hot Water
You never run out of hot water with new Instant-Flow hot water heater that produces hot water on demand at point of use.
Instant-Flow saves energy by not heating water when not in use, making it more economical to install hot water in remote buildings or in home additions. You can also use the Instant-Flow water heater to boost temperatures in dishwashers while lowering the overall temperature in your water heater. Company spokesmen say it's not designed for overall use in new construction, however, due to its high cost.
The Instant Flow unit is just 6 in. by 9 in. by 2 in. and installs under the sink. Requires a 220-volt hookup to power its resistant electric coils, which are activated instantly, by a flapper valve that moves when the flow of water is started by the hot water tap. Made from all-plastic and stainless steel, and designed to last the life of the plumbing with no maintenance.
Unlike conventional water heaters, the Instant-Flow eliminates long pipe runs to the faucet and requires only a cold water pipe, which makes it ideal for house additions.
Individual sink units sell for $185. If plumbed to a shower, or other high volume outlet, a double unit at $370 is required.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Chronomite Laboratories, Inc., 21011 South Figueroa, Carson, Calif. 90745 (ph 213 320-9452 or 533-0436).

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