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Over-Register Sickle System For Combines
"Most combines can be converted for less than $50," says Max Farrar, originator of the popular Farrar Over-Register Sickle System that makes for cleaner and faster harvesting.
"The effective cutting speed is actually doubled at the end of the cutting stroke," he explains. "To give our system the real test, change to it but don't change the sickle. You'll find improved performance in all crops. More than 30,000 are in use throughout the U.S. on combines cutting rice, soybeans, wheat, barley, oats,
maize and dry peas. Operator after operator reports being able to double forward cutting speed without stripping the crop.
No major modifications are necessary on the combine to install most Farrar Systems. In most cases, they can be installed right in the field. John Deere combines since 1964, and all Gleaner combines and older model Oliver, White and Case combines require only the special low-cost crank to accomplish over-register, says Farrar. On combines requiring a more elaborate hookup, complete kits are available.
Farrar emphasizes that because of the many makes and models of combines, he can best answer specific questions if you send him the make and model of your combine. The kit shown is for Deere's 55, 95 and 105 model combines.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Farrar Corp., Max Farrar, President, Norwich, Kan. 67118 (ph. 316 478-2212).

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