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Computerless Radio Stall For Sows
It lets you individually feed sows without having to buy an expensive computer," says Tandem Products of its new Radio Stall.
Instead of having to tie into a computer, the Radio Stall has its own hand-held electronic control (with built-in transmitter and receiver) which you dial like a telephone to "punch in" the exact amount of feed each sow is to receive, depending on her weight, age, condition, etc. Each sow wears a transponder which, without requiring batteries, mirrors her code to the receiver which, in turn, tells the feeder how much feed each individual sow is pre-programmed to receive.
The hand-held control unit ($3,069) will handle up to 14 crates, and each crate ($1,545) will handle 40 sows. Transponders, with collars, sell for $52 per sow.
It pencils out to a cost of $96.11 per sow to automatically and individually feed 560 sows, the system's maximum capacity. For 100 sows, the cost would be $12,904 ($129 per sow) $3,069 for the control unit, time stalls at $1,545 each and 100 transponders at $52 each.
Although the system is designed to operate without .a computer, it's totally "computer compatible," the manufacturer points out. "We offer an optional $2,500 computer that will give you a complete written report on each sow telling you when she should be bred, moved to the farrowing crate, wormed, vaccinated, how much feed she was given, how much she consumed, and much more."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tandem Products Inc., 520 Industrial Drive, Blooming Prairie, Minn. 55917 (ph 800 533-0509, or 507 583-7222).

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