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Self-loading Chopper Box Chops, Hauls Silage
One of the big showstoppers at the recent Wisconsin Farm Progress Days was the new Taarup 1030 "chopper box" that's a combination forage chopper and dump wagon rolled into one.
Manufactured in Denmark, the machine has been sold in Europe and Quebec for several years. It has a 5 ft. 7 in. wide pickup and a star-shaped hay-cutting knife wheel. The rotating pickup feeds windrowed hay to the wheel which forces haylage up through 72 stationary carbon steel knives on its way into the wagon. A chain conveyor moves haylage toward the back of the wagon.
Mogens Nielsen, export manager, field tested and demonstrated three of the ma-chines throughout Wisconsin last summer. "It lets one man chop haylage twice as fast as with a conventional forage harvester and wagon. The wagon has up to 40% more capacity than a comparable size conventional wagon due to greater compaction of haylage. Haylage is compressed from above as it's forced up into the wagon instead of being blown in by a forage harvester. The extra capacity means you make far fewer trips from field to silo. Once the wagon is loaded there's no need to hook it up to another tractor. It rear unloads in two minutes compared to 8 to 15 minutes with a conveyor-unloading wagon.
"It chops haylage in lengths up to 1 1/2 in. long which is better for your cow's digestive system. Works good for bunk silos."
Each of the six banks of knives is equipped with a spring overload device to protect it from rock damage. If the knives encounter a rock or other obstacle, the entire bank springs forward. After the rock is passed, the bank automatically returns to its original position.
Knife wheel rotates at a slow 71 rpm's compared to 600 to 700 rpm's for knives on a conventional forage harvester. "In field tests we've chopped at 8 mph in very good hay where conventional forage harvesters could only chop at 4 mph.," notes Nielsen.
A single lever folds or unfolds side extensions on the wagon. The optimum height at which you fill the wagon depends on haylage moisture content. If it's dry, you can fill the wagon to the top. If it's moist, half way to the top.
From the cab you can raise and lower the pickup, tip the wagon floor at an angle for easier rear unloading, start and stop the conveyors, open and close the tailgate, and monitor the load. A light signals when the wagon is full. The wagon can be equipped with hydraulic brakes. Manual hand brakes are also available.
Sells for $40,000.
A smaller 4-ton capacity chopper-dump box is available for easier handling and maneuverability in hilly areas. Sells for $26,000.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mogens Nielsen, Taarup USA, 2920-3000 Wolf St., Racine, Wis. 53404 (ph 414 633-4929).

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