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Jump-Start Dead Batteries with Engine Hood Closed
New "mistake-proof' booster cables are equipped with built-in check lights and an installed plug-in that lets you hook up to jump-start "dead engines" with your engine hood closed.
"They're the best booster cables ever made," says Dale Amfahr, representative of Systems Material Handling Co., the manufacturer, noting that the new cables are the first ever to be approved by Underwriters Laboratories. "The biggest concern with booster cables is battery explosions v hen you hook up. This eliminates the concern because you hook up to the dead battery with clamps and then simply plug into a heavy-duty outlet that installs on the charging vehicle. When you hook up to the dead battery, a glance at a check light indicates whether it's safe to plug into to the connector mounted on the boost vehicle. If there's a red light, you've got them mixed up. A green light means go ahead."
The cables are 4-ga. copper covered by a special PVC that remains flexible at sub zero temperatures. Cable clamps feature a unique 45? angle that solves the problem of getting a firm grasp on side-mount posts and they have an extra wide jaw for grabbing hold of top posts.
"With many late model cars and trucks it's best to jump with another vehicle rather than a high-voltage jump starter because high voltages can ruin computers. Some 1989 GM models have 7 computers on them that can cost thousands to repair. Some-times if you jump a Ford car or truck with high voltage, it erases the computer and the engine will run rough for about 45 min. until it sets itself right again. Or you can damage it permanently," says Amfahr.
The new 16 ft. booster cables sell for $69.95. They're also available in 25 and 30 ft. lengths and can be purchased for electrical systems from 12 to 72 volts.
For more information, contact: Dale Amfahr, Systems Material Handling Co., 15785 S. Keeler Terrace, Olathe, Kan. 66062 (ph 800 255-4109 or 913 829-1000).

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