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Flexible Feed Auger Spout
A stack of half a dozen plastic 5-gal. pails makes a dandy flexible feed auger spout when attached to a feed truck auger, says Ted Junker, Parkersburg, Iowa.
"Too much feed was spilled and wasted on windy days. Also, I didn't want feed truck operators climbing in and out of finishing pens," says Junker, who con-tract finishes about 6,000 feeder pigs each year.
To make the feed auger spout, Junker cut the bottom out of each pail, removed its handle and drilled 1/4-in. dia. holes where the handle used to be. Through each hole he inserted a bolt, with the heap flat on the inside, then used a lock nut of the outside to hold the chain. He con nected all six plastic pails together, the] added a galvanized pail on top to ads rigidity. He looped extra chain over the feed truck auger and used an "S" hook to hold it in place. The spout swings freel: in all directions. When taken off the auger it collapses and takes up the space of stack of 5-gal. pails.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tee Junker, RR 2, Box 100, Parkersburg, Iow, 50665 (ph 319 346-1386).

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