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Alarm Signals When Cow Ready to Calf
This first-of-its-kind alarm detects muscular contractions by cow just before birth. It straps onto its back with a rubber belt.

The "Agrimonitor" detects and analyses muscular activity not visible even to the experienced eye. It first warns you that labor has commenced before there's any apparent sign, then warns you as calving begins.

The alarm works by comparing the muscular activity before and during birth to muscular activity when the animal is at rest. The unit automatically adjusts to each animal it's used on. It takes one to two hours after it's strapped onto each new animal for it to get an average reading of the cows normal "at rest" level of muscular activity.

"It causes no discomfort to the animal. The unit is completely waterproof and shock-proof. Will transmit the alarm up to 2,500 ft. away to the receiving unit," says manufacturer Morag Watt, of Agrimonitor UK. The monitors have a self-maintenance feature that constantly checks condition of batteries, position of belt on cow, and other function. If there is a problem, a warning will be sounded.

The monitor and remote receiving unit sell for about $1,500. A receiver that can handle up to 8 cow monitors at once is also available.

Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Agrimonitor UK, Swordale Farm, Bonar Bridge, Sutherland IV24 3AP England (ph 08632-308).

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