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New Cutter-Mixer-Feeder for Total Mixed Rations
For the past 10 years, an Italian-built vertical cutter-mixer-feeder has led the revolution in total mixed rations throughout Europe. It has excelled in its ability to handle any quantity of roughage, and its ability to cut hay or straw into desired lengths up to 7 in.
That same machine now stands ready to show its stuff to North American dairy and beef producers. Called the Supreme, it has been introduced by Supreme International, of Wetaskiwin, Alb., Can.
"We're confident our proven new ma-chine will single-handedly revolutionize TMR feeding in the U.S. and Canada," George Hunerfauth, president, told FARM SHOW. The Supreme, manufactured in Canada, will be shown at upcoming farm shows this summer and fall. An assembly plant in Texas is slated to be in production next January.
Here, according to Hunerfauth, are key features which, he says, make the Supreme vertical feed maker "the most efficient feed processing system in North America":
•One machine performs three operations ¨cutting, mixing and feeding.
•A vertical mixing corkscrew-style auger, fitted with bolt-on serrated knives, rotates at low speed for optimal mixing. It cuts loose or baled hay into adjustable (from 1 to 7 in.) length pieces. Hay is cut into uniform lengths ¨ without being ground, pulverized or otherwise diminished in quality. There is no restriction on the percentage of long stem hay the machine will mix. Livestock producers can mix high concentrate rations with any desired roughage.
•Because it rotates slowly, the power requirement of the Supreme is about 40% less than for a comparable size tub grinder.
',Rugged construction, coupled with slow rotation of the vertical auger and relatively few moving parts, add up to low maintenance.
•Because it cuts rather than grinds the hay, it can handle a wide range of hay quality ¨ from partially frozen and rotted hay, to tough-to-process hay or grass.
•The Supreme handles loose hay or straw, conventional bales (up to 16 per batch), big round bales and big square bales. It thoroughly processes batches "on the go" in 7 to 10 minutes.
Heading the line of eight Supreme models tailormade for the North American market is the 700 which has 700 cu. ft. of capacity and requires 110 hp. The smallest model is rated at 210 cu. ft. and requires 50 hp. Retail prices range from $30,000 to $50,000 (U.S.).
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Supreme International, P.O. Box 6450, Wetaskiwin, Alb., Canada T9A 2G2 (ph 403 352-6095, Or 6061).

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