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Cradle Board : Easy Way To Carry Infants
Your baby will grow up strong, straight and secure if you carry it in an Indian cradle board, says Adelard Jacko, Edmonton, Alberta, who makes the ancient-style baby-carrier.
Jacko started making cradle boards when his own son was born. "It's what Indians used long ago. There are different ways of making them and there are a lot of legends that grew up concerning their use," he says.
Cradle boards have a rigid wood back and soft cotton and flannel wrappings with strong leather ties. A protective, curved support ring is positioned over the baby's head. The baby is tied into the board with its arms inside. The board holds them upright in a tight cocoon.
"Our son becomes instantly calm and quiet when we put him in it. We think it's because it makes babies feel like they're back in their mother's womb. It also protects their body and their head, and holds the babies in an upright position so they see the world normally. When you're busy you can hang the baby and cradle from a branch or hook on a wall, or you can carry the baby easily on your back. We use it as a crib, carseat, stroller and playpen all rolled into one," says Jacko.
Cradle boards sell for $95 (Canadian) made with commercial hide leather and $125 with moosehide.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lise & Adelard Jacko, Jordan's Cradle Board, 11245-94th St., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (ph 403 479-7548).

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