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Ant And Turtle Traps
My partner Glen Caldwell and I have developed one-of-a-kind ant and turtle traps that work great and use no chemicals. The "Super C" ant trap was developed for red ants and fire ants. It consists of a small cylinder that mounts flush with the top of the ground. Because ants are naturally curious, the trap starts catching them as soon as it's installed. No bait is needed and it lasts indefinitely. It'll clean out entire beds of ants and do the job better than flushing or poisoning out the beds which only disperses the ants so they start new beds in new areas. The trap sells for $9.95 (plus shipping and handling).
The "Super C" turtle trap makes it easy to control turtle populations in fish ponds. Turtles are big problems in some areas because every 100 tbs. of turtles eats 10 lbs. of fish per day. The trap floats in the water and within 2 or 3 days it becomes a part of the natural environment and turtles begin using it just as they would a log or piece of wood for sunning. We've caught as many as 9 turtles a day in the trap. Sells for $39.95. (Ken Craven, Super C Enterprises, Inc., P.O. Box 603, Purcell, Okla. 73080 ph 405 527-7922)

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