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Overload Springs For Pickups, Vans, Rv's
New from Jones Sales, Yuma, Colo., are bolt-on front and rear overload springs for pickups, motor homes, vans, recreational vehicles and suburbans.
Designed to absorb up 2,500 lbs., the springs fit 2-1/2 in. or 3 in. wide factory springs. "They help stabilize and level the load, and help prevent bending or cracking of the vehicle's original springs," the manufacturer points out.
To install, simply park the vehicle on a flat surface, then raise the body and frame approximately 6 in., or until the original springs are arched as much as the overload springs. Place the overload springs on top of the original springs and secure them with U-bolts. You can easily move the "over-loads" from one vehicle to another.
Narrow overload springs (2-1/2 in. wide) sell for $175 per set of two, and wide springs (3 in. wide) for $185.
For more information, contact: Jones Sales, 305 N. Albany, Yuma, Colo. 80759 (ph 303 848-5701).

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