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Kick Out Subsoiler Great For Rocky Ground
"Our Rockopper subsoiler is a big improvement over other trip-leg subsoilers because its shanks shoot upwards and backwards faster than the forward movement of the implement thus avoiding impact damage and completely unhooking from any obstacle," says F.A. Jones, British manufacturer of the Rockopper which is designed for use where normal subsoilers and cultivation equipment can't be used due to underground obstructions such as rocks, concrete foundations, tree roots, cables, and so on.
When the Rockopper hits an obstacle, it triggers the implement's kick-out mechanism which can be set to lift one, or all legs, on impact. A spring-loaded lift beam raises the subsoiler shanks completely out of the ground. Shanks are reset by simply lifting the 3-pt. The operator never has to leave the cab.
"The Rockopper was developed for severe conditions where no other tillage tool will work but it can be used under normal conditions," says Jones.
The new tillage tool is on the market in Europe and the company is looking for a U.S. manufacturer-distributor.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, F.A. Jones & Son Co., Ltd., North Scarle, Lincoln, England (ph 052 277 224).

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