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Big grain cleaners match big augers
Two big new rotary screen grain cleaners introduced by Feterl Mfg., Salem, S. Dak., are designed to match capacity of big grain augers.
The largest, a commercial model, re-moves weed seeds, chaff, broken kernels, fines and foreign material from wheat, corn, soybeans and other grains at the rate of 8,000 bu./hr., which is also the rated capacity of Feterl's largest 12 in. by 120 ft. grain auger. It's totally pto-driven and equipped with a 12 ft. long rotary scren drum measuring 48 in. in dia. Retails for $8,750.
Also new from Feterl is the Model 200, rated at 6,400 bu./hr. It's a twin unit, made up of two Model 100 rotary screen cleaning drums (each 96 in. long and 28 in. in dia.) placed side by side. The drums are pto driven; the fines discharge auger can be driven by electric or hydraulic motor. Sells for $5,975.
"The gentle action of the fighting in Feterl-built grain cleaners moves grain through the rotary drums, providing a continuous turning effect to assure that all grain is exposed to the screen where dockage is removed," notes Ron Feterl.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Feterl Mfg., PO Box 398, Salem, S. Dak. 57058 (ph 605 425-2183).

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