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Guidance System for Pull-Type Planters
New tongue and planter mounting bracket made by Sunco lets you use the company's 3-pt. mounted Acura Trak automatic guidance system on Deere 7000 or 7200 pull-type planters.
The guidance system is positioned between the tongue and a planter mounting bracket that's fitted with a short toolbar which attaches to the planter. The guidance system then pivots the toolbar back and forth as needed to keep rows straight just as it would if it were 3-pt. mounted.
"It's just as accurate as any mounted planter guidance system," says Larry Hansen, sales manager. "The key to using guidance systems, whether they're used on pull-type or mounted implements, is that you mount them directly on the implement you're trying to guide. Other guidance systems used with pull-type planters are mounted on the tractor instead of the planter.
"Our system allows the tongue to pivot so it can follow the tractor at the hitch point while allowing the planter toolbar to remain in the center of the mark or ridge. The guess rows are so even that you can use an 8-row planter and a 6-row corn head. It works beautifully on contours and hills."
The guidance mechanism is controlled by a marker weight mounted on the Acura Trak that follows the mark made by the planter marker. The tongue is available in 8 and 10-fi lengths. The 8-ft. tongue allows the tractor to move 12 in. back and forth from the mark or furrow while the 10-ft. tongue allows 16 in. of movement. Adapter mounting brackets are available for most 6-and 8-row Deere planters or can easily be adapted to other makes of planters. When you're done planting you can mount the guidance system on a tractor 3-pt. and use it to cultivate.
Sells for $1,850.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Sunco Marketing, Box 2036, North Platte, Neb. 69103 (ph 308 532-2146).

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