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Ever Seen A White Buffalo?
"The chances of a white buffalo being born are one in a few million. As far as I know, there isn't another one in the world," says Iona Pigg, Weatherford, Oki., about "Buffy", the white buffalo that she and her husband own.
"Buffy isn't an albino," says Iona. "Like a normal buffalo, he has dark eyes and dark skin. The only difference is that his hair is white. He's now three years old, weighs 1,500 lbs. and stands 5 ft. tall at the hump. He'll be full grown when he's six years old, and will weigh about 2,000 lbs. and be 6 ft. tall at the hump.
"Indians worship the white buffalo and believe it to be a sacred animal. When we show Buffy at fairs, they will come in and pray by him or try to touch him, as they believe the animal brings good luck," explains Iona.
Born on a Kansas ranch to full-blooded dark buffalo parents, Buffy was traded to a restaurant owner by the rancher for a camel. After seeing Buffy at the Oklahoma State Fair, the Piggs bought him from the restaurant owner for $10,000.
They plan on keeping Buffy and trying some breeding experiments in the future. But for now, they'll continue to travel throughout the country, showing spectators at fairs and farm shows the "world's only white buffalo".
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, W.C. and Iona Pigg, Rt. 5, Box 72, Weatherford, Oki. 73096.

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