1996 - Volume #20, Issue #6, Page #07
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Mini Tractor With Loader,Backhoe

"It's powerful, fast, reliable, and extremely maneuverable," says Ohio tractor dealer Peter Roman about a rugged mini tractor he built and equipped with big backhoe and front-end loader.
The tractor is built on the chassis and drivetrain of a 1965 Economy Power King tractor which was originally equipped with a 10 hp engine. Roman replaced the tractor's original 2-in. frame with a 6-in. channel frame to handle the weight of the front and rear-mounted tools.
He repowered the tractor with a 14 hp Kohler engine and coupled a 6 1/2 gpm hydraulic pump and 4-gal. reservoir to it.
He kept the tractor's original 8 by 30 by 16-in. rear tires and 4 by 12-in. front tires, but scrapped fenders, dash and grille in favor of replacements he fabricated out of 3/ 16-in. thick steel.
He made wood templates to get the correct angles and cylinder strokes for the back-hoe and loader, which he built from scratch. The backhoe, which is fitted with two big outriggers to keep it level on uneven ground, is controlled by two 16-in. stroke hydraulic cylinders with 3-in. bores. The loader is operated by three 16-in. stroke cylinders with 2-in. bores.
"Positioning the cylinder on the dump for the loader was one of the trickiest parts of the design," Roman says. "It had to be mounted so it would curl back to carry a load and tilt forward enough to dump it."
The 4-ft. wide loader bucket reaches 78 in. high so it'll easily clear a dump truck for filling, Roman notes. Likewise, the back-hoe is "mammoth" for a tractor of this size, with a reach of 13 ft. from the center of the rear axle and capable of digging 8 ft. deep with its 16-in. wide bucket.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Pe-ter Roman, 9026 Struthers Rd., New Middletown, Ohio 44442 (ph 330 542-2221).

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1996 - Volume #20, Issue #6