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Slow Speed Generator
In the summer of 1988, I ordered a set of plans from Al Forbes in New Zealand for building a "slow speed generator". I had read about the home-built generator, which allows you to make your own electricity from a water or wind power source, in FARM SHOW (Vol. 12, No. 3 - Contact: Alfred Forbes, P.O. Box 3919, Auckland, New Zealand. Sells for $65 postpaid). I success-fully built my own generator in my spare time over a 1-year period. It was quite technical but not too difficult if you follow the excellent instructions and high-quality photos in the book by Mr. Forbes. The book clearly shows how to make each part. One of the hardest parts was finding materials but he also gives you guidance on that.
I built the generator to use on my ranch located in the lower mountains - not far from my home - to furnish lights and power for small tools and electrical motors that we use up there. The generator is powered by a water wheel when there is enough water to run it. The generator works good, delivering the recommended power at a slow speed of between 500 and 600 rpm's. The generator I had on the water wheel previously had to run at 3,200 rpm's and I was unable to get that much speed.
I enjoyed building the generator. It was a good challenge. (Hal C. Johnson, Johnson Tractorand Implement Inc., 1345 No. 200 E., Spanish Fork, Utah 84660 (ph 801 798-8696)

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