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New 10 Second Drill Transport
One of the neatest drill transports we've ever seen is the self-contained Quik-Port from Johnson Mfg., Kuhn, N. Dak., that converts from field to road position in less than 10 seconds without stopping.
"Without leaving the seat of the tractor, the-operator simply hits a hydraulic lever to lift two 14 ft. drills, or three 10 footers, for full-width transport down the road.
Full width transport? That's right! The transport's two sets of dual wheels are positioned close together in the center of the drill. They never leave road. Half the drill's width is suspended in mid-air directly over the ditch, leaving plenty of room on the roadway for traffic to pass, and without the tractor operator having to veer off onto the shoulder or ditch when meeting cars.
"With the Quik-Port, there's no dipping or dragging of the drill's press wheels on roadways," notes Gerald Johnson, the inventor-manufacturer. "A system built into the transport automatically supports them 12in. off the ground, eliminating the need to chain up press wheels by hand. Drills return to normal flexibility when released from transport to normal field position. In field position, the transport wheels are hydraulically drawn up with a clearance of about 10 in."
If you're running a field cultivator ahead of the drill, you can simply fold up the wings and, in less than 10 seconds, be ready to move down the road without having to unhitch any equipment.
If there are obstacles along the road, such as bridges, which prevent transporting the drill in the full-width field position, it only takes a few minutes to remove two bolts, turn the transport wheels one quarter turn, then replace the bolts and pull the drill down the road endways.
The Quik-Port transport mounts on most single, double or triple hitch drills of any width. Onepair of duals (four& 70 by 15 in. wheels) will carry about 30 ft. of drill width (two 14's, or three 10's, for example).
Cost of the transport ranges from $3,160 (for two 14's) to $4,000 (for three 10's).
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Johnson Mfg., Kuhn, N. Dak. 58456 (ph 701647-2300).

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