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Triple Tanked Tractor Covers 45 Acres Per Fill
"This system makes better use of our tractor and cuts down on the amount of time spent filling spray tanks," says Claire Strobel, of Mapleton, Minn., who, along with his brother Greg, "triple tank" their 4-WD Versatile 955 tractor to carry up to 900 gal. of herbicide.
The Strobels mount two 200-gal. tanks on a bracket ahead of the tractor and a 500-gal. poly tank on the 3-pt. hitch. "There's good weight balance between the front and rear of the tractor, and the extra weight gives us good traction for our 50 ft. field cultivator. In fact, we don't even use fluid in the tires," says Claire.
Because the 500 gal. rear tank mounts on a Cat. III quick-attach 3-pt. hitch, installing and removing it is a one-man job. A framework of boxed tubing and rolled steel provides enough strength to secure the tank. "It takes about 30 min. to mount the front tanks and only about a minute for the rear tank," notes Claire. In case the hydraulics should fail, a pair of standards prevents the rear tank from damaging the hitch. With the addition of another pair of standards, the tank has a stable base for upright storage when it's removed from the tractor.
Claire says the front tanks could be even larger to further cut fill intervals. "The extra weight would be no problem for a 4-WD because the tanks' weight is distributed equally front and rear."
The Strobels also engineered an inexpensive nurse tank system to further reduce fill time. Mounted on a truck, the system includes two 1,500 gal. water tanks and a homemade induction system that eliminates direct handling of herbicides.
Contact: FARM SHOW Follow-up, Claire Strobel, Rt. 3, Box 29, Mapleton, Minn. 56065 (ph 507 524-3989).

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