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Deep-Plowing Pulverizer
A German-built machine that breaks up and pulverizes soil down to 3 ft. deep with moveable shares has caught on with custom-operators who specialize in solving tough soil problems and with large farm operations that can justify regular use of the machine.
FARM SHOW first featured the innovative pto-driven deep-plowing pulverizer more than 6 years ago in a report from the DLG Show in Munich, Germany. Since then, Martin Equipment of Goodfield, Ill., has started importing the machine to the U.S. and Canada.
The moveable ripper shares on the new plow are powered by a rotating shaft on the plow frame that connects to driveshafts down the front of each shank. As the shares move out and down, they loosen the solidified ground. When it comes back up, it lifts the soil upwards, pulverizing it all the way to the surface.
"Besides breaking up the soil, the pow- , ered shares also lessen the plow's horse-power requirements by lessening the for-ward resistance," according to the company, which recommends at least 150 hp. for the 5-shank model (2 shanks up front and 3 shanks in back). The machine is available with either pto or hydraulic drive. It'll work about 3 acres per hour. Sells for right at $17,000. It's also available for lease.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Martin Equipment, Inc., Jct. I-74 & Rt. 117, P.O. Box 70, Goodfield, Ill. 61742 (ph 309 965-2502).

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