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Instant Calf Dehorner
"It's the fastest, most efficient and cleanest method ever developed for dehorning calves," says the manufacturer of the-new cordless "Buddex" calf dehorner that lets you dehorn calves anywhere.
The first-of-its-kind, hand-held tool is designed to dehom calves at a younger age before the horn bud erupts through the skin. By depressing the hot cutting tip on the horn bud and twisting for about 10 seconds, a narrow cauterized ring is cut around the base to cut off blood flow and prevent the horn from growing.
"It's a completely bloodless method that allows you to dehorn your calves at a younger age which causes less stress on the animal and permits dehorning when the calves are smaller and easier to handle. It works better than other electric dehorners because the hot wire ring bums less surface area resulting in less smoke and stink. There's no risk of electrocution and no electric cord to drag around. It works better than gougers and saws because it's faster and much easier to use and it minimizes risk of infection," says company spokesman Skip Stromberg.
The 5/8-in. dia. spring-loaded wire ring on the hot cutting tip instantly heats up to 1500? when pressed against the horn bud. When released, the tip cools down again.
The new dehorner can dehorn up to 15 calves on a single charge and comes with a recharger. A charging unit with a cigarette lighter adapter is also available.
Sells for $174.50 in the U.S. and $190 in Canada.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jenrik Marketing Group, Inc., 16660 N. Hillcrest CL, Eden Prairie, Minn. 55346 (ph 612 934-5440, toll-free 800 388-5440) or Moeracres Farm Supplies, P.O. Box 5325, Caledonia, Ontario, Canada N0A 1A0 (ph 416 765-5604).

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