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Livestock Panel Bender
I have come up with a livestock panel bender that will stiffen up livestock panels by bending ridges into the panel. We use livestock panels everywhere around the farm from gates to lot fences, partitions in barns, to make a quick fence around a calf hutch, and so on. They're cheap and you can get them anywhere. The big problem is that they're so flimsy. They flop around and the sharp edges scratch you and tear your clothes.
I have a lot of gates on my livestock farm that don't get used very often. Rather than buy a commercial gate for $60 to $70, I can just use a livestock panel for only about $15. I got the idea for the panel bender as I watched a cow stick her head in through the bottom of a panel and push. The panel was wired at each end and when she pushed, the panel flexed up and she crawled right under it.
My panel bender requires no electricity or hydraulics. I'll send them anywhere for $20 plus $5 freight ($10 in Canada). (Vic Stratman, HCR 71, Box 54, Argyle, Mo. 65001)

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