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Zoom swing glides along roller coaster track
You've never seen fun like the new Zoom Swing invented "down under" by New Zealander Al Forbes. Instead of hanging from a stationary beam and swinging like a pendulum, the Forbes Zoom Swing suspends from rollers running in a pair of tracks. Designed for kids of all ages, you start your ride as with any swing but then you take off on an exciting roller coaster ride.
Instead of bottoming out when you get close to the ground, you zoom the length of the track and go up in a normal swing before zooming back along the length of the track (see sketches). You can get 5 or 6 runs out of a single swinging start. And, once you or your kids get the hang of it, you can learn to pump your legs to keep going as long as you wish.
Forbes explains that, as you zoom across the length of the swing, you stay in a vertical position. "It adds an exciting dimension to swinging that no one's ever experienced before. Kids catch onto it right away. They love it."
The swing is suspended from a pair of specially designed 4-wheel rollers fitted with nylon wheels and precision ball bearings. The rollers ride in a specially designed 14 ga. galvanized steel track protected from dust, dirt, sunlight and weather. Although Forbes says an adult could glide 120 ft. on a single push, production models are limited to a more practical 13 ft. The frame of the swing is an extra wide 6 ft. and it's 7 ft., 3 in. high. The main frame of the swing is made out of 1 3/8-in. galvanized tubular steel. "It's built strong enough so adults can use it too," Forbes notes.
Plans are available for do-it-yourselfers for $1 to make their own Zoom Swing out of wood from, Zoom Swing, FARM SHOW, Box 1029, Lakeville, MN 55044. Forbes would also like to compare notes with North American Manufacturers interested in producing the Zoom Swing for the U.S. and Canadian markets.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Alfred Forbes, J-Bird Products, C/O Oratia Post Office, Oratia, Auckland, New Zealand.

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