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Bale hauler uses cable to dump bales
Hauling big loads of round bales is both easy and cheap for Canadian farmer Ed Jaenen who built his own uncomplicated round bale hauler from a pair of big metal pipes, a steel cable and other miscellaneous parts.
Jaenen needed a bale hauling trailer that would transport over narrow country roads so he had to develop a simple way of unloading. He also felt he could not justify the cost of a commercial bale trailer.
Two 12-in. dia., 40-ft. long steel pipes, salvaged from a local mining operation (telephone poles would work just as well), carry up to seven 1,500 lb. bales. The pipes mount on a triple axle, 6-wheeled chassis that was built from junked balers. Two large U-bolts anchor each pipe to the chassis' 4 in. channel iron frame.
Key to operation of the unique bale hauler is a steel cable that runs lengthwise down the center of the two pipes. The cable is anchored to a heavy steel plate at the rear of the bale hauler and is pulled tight by a cylinder-controlled pivot arm at the front of the unit. As the cable is pulled tight, it lifts up under the bales and dumps them off to the side. Depending on initial placement of the cable, bales can be dumped off to either side of the hauler.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ed Jaenen, General De-liver, Fairlight, Sask. SOG 1MO Canada (ph 306 646-4926).

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