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Greaser Adds Life To Sealed Bearings
A first-of-its-kind tool that lets you grease sealed bearings without removing them from pulley, sprocket, hub or other components "sandwiches" bearings between metal caps to force grease inside.
"The Greaser is the first practical way to grease non-greasable sealed bearings," says Wade Bangerter, inventor-manufacturer. "The only other way to grease sealed bearings is to drill a hole in the side of the bearing and place a needle zerk in the hole. This procedure is time consuming and only a temporary solution as it destroys the sealed feature of the bearing. Most farmers simply throw away sealed bearings that fail, but replacing them is expensive. For example, rotary hoe bearings cost $15 apiece and there are 130 of them on a 30- ft. wide rotary hoe. Some shivs on combines cost up to $100. If the bearing still works but is dry, the Greaser will save it. It's easy to handle and lets you grease practically any kind or size of sealed bearing."
The Greaser consists of a handle, threaded bolt and lock nut, a zerk "barrel", and several different sized tapered caps that seal off each side of the bearing with the zerk "barrel" in between.
To use the Greaser, screw a tapered cap on bolt with a jam nut to hold it in place, and then slip the bearing on so it butts up against the cap. Put a zerk barrel up against the other side of the bearing and then screw another tapered cap up tightly against the outside of the zerk barrel. When you apply grease through the zerk, it has nowhere to go except into the bearing.
"It's important to always clean the out-side of the bearing first with solvent to keep dirt from contaminating the bearing," says Bangerter, noting that the Greaser can also be used to pack wheel bearings or to lubricate hard-to-grease conventional bearings.
Sells for $85.00.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jaeger Implement Co., Hwy. 96, Leoti, Kan. 67861 (ph 316 375-2621).

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