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Spray marker uses toilet paper
"Toilet paper is easy to see yet it breaks down and disappears without damage to crops or field, unlike some dye markers that use diesel fuel as a base," says Mike Jackson, Weippe, Idaho, who's invented a toilet paper marker.
Jackson's all-steel device weighs about 15 lbs. and mounts at the end of any spray boom. "It uses regular bathroom tissue. You simply slip on a roll and it's electrically driven using 12-V power from a tractor or 3-wheeler. The operator activates it from the tractor seat and the marker drops a length of tissue as often as needed to mark the pass. The marker is mounted low to the ground and in front of the spray mist so that the tissue is wetted down as it reaches the ground and can't blow away," says Jackson.
"The advantages of this marker are that it's economical to use, the tissue is biodegradable, and the tissue leaves a highly visible mark. Compared to other markers, it's very clean. There's no paint or foam ingredients to clean up. And it's easy to load. You just slip on a roll of paper," explains Jackson.
The toilet paper marker sells for $395, including electrical wiring and switch.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mike Jackson, HCO2, Box 11C, Weippe, Idaho 83553 (ph 208 435-4873).

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