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He Reworked The Brakes On His Deutz Tractor
"After three trips to the dealer I decided the trouble with the brakes on my 1976 Deutz 10006 tractor was that there was no check valve between the master cylinder and the brake cylinders. Without a check valve there was a tendency to pull fluid back out of the brake lines as well as the master cylinder reservoir," says William Webster, Paris, Ill.
"A short time after we would fix them the brakes would act as though they had air in the system. So I decided to install 1974 FKS Gleaner hydraulic brake cylinders. They were easy to install because of the cross bolt mounting and the fact that the two cylinders mount side by side, which matched the brake rod width on the tractor.
"I mounted the Gleaner cylinders on a piece of 3/8 by 3 by 3-in. angle iron and bolted it to the side of the tractor with a 3/8-in. thick flat plate spacer between the angle iron and the tractor to get the proper alignment with the tractor brake pedals.
"Since the brake line fittings were not the same I left a short piece of line coming out of each cylinder and clipped the larger tractor brake lines over them and soldered them together. Then I wrapped copper wire around the joint and soldered again to reinforce the joint.
"The only other modification I made was to cut the washer and remove it from the original brake rods. I then inserted the brake rods through the stop washers in my new cylinders and then positioned the washers I'd cut so that the rods would not push through the brake cylinder washers. You need to adjust the rods so that when the brake pedals contact the platform they won't pull on the stop washers in the front of the cylinders.
"It's now easy to bleed air out of this system. The only thing we lost was the brake lights and the ability to lock the brakes together on the road."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, William Webster, Rt. 2, Box 174, Paris, Ill. 61944.

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