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Conversion Kit Stops Planter Side Draft
Illinois farmer Joe Clegg has developed a modification kit for Case/IH 900 Cyclo planters that he says eliminates the planter's "serious side draft problem" caused by the staggered double disc openers.
'Penetration and seed depth placement by the Cyclo 900 planter is superior to most other planters under a variety of conditions. The problem is that in hard or firm ground, the planter tends to pull to the right. That's because the left disc is the lead disc on the double disc openers which causes the planter to pull right," says Clegg, who spent two years developing and testing his conversion kit in no-till, minimum-till and ridge-till conditions.
"By converting one-half of the row units on the planter to right hand lead discs, it's possible to balance the right side draft pull so that the planter pulls straight under even the most difficult conditions," says Clegg.
He says the conversion can be easily made by anyone who is accustomed to performing routine servicing and minor repairs to the planter. It simply involves removal of the center disc support casting from one half of the planter units - Clegg suggests converting the disc openers on the right hand side of the planter (as determined by standing behind the planter and facing forward). On a 6-row planter, for example, you would replace the disc support castings from the 3 right side row units. It's simply a matter of replacing the old casting with modified ones.
The conversion kit is sold on a casting exchange basis only. You ship the old castings, complete with gauge wheel arm pivot pins, to Clegg. He returns the modified castings within 30 days. Cost is $195 per row. Clegg plans to offer a similar modification for IH 800 planters if there is enough interest.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, J & J Enterprises, Rt. 4, Box 35, Jacksonville, Ill. 62650 (ph 217 245-8203).

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